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07 September 2006 @ 12:41 pm
Missing the chaos  
Dear Cybersports,

I <3 you all very much, and I wish I was still there to work with the laptops and do the Lalich-inspired laptop dance, which strangly resembled something from world of warcraft. I miss wearing teh many glowies with shaela and lizu, and drinking non-stop bawls, cuz let's face it, caffeine is fun. I miss the nerf gun shooting people, and the many people I talked to who shared a love for all things WoW, and even EQ2. I miss being able to show guys that girls can work on computers, and they do like MMOs, and that they aren't the best. Most of all, I miss going into the shop thinking that I was making a difference. <3, the 1 and only, desk moogle
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